Discover What Moves You

Whytecliff crafts a tailored program based on each child’s unique gifts and strengths.

Be Part of Something Real

Whytecliff offers a supportive and inclusive community where every child

feels safe, appreciated, and respected.



Reach Your True Potential

Whytecliff inspires positive engagement and equips each child for a lifetime of success. 

The Whytecliff Difference

Whytecliff Agile Learning Centres in Langley & Burnaby offer a highly successful Gr. 8-12 curriculum tailored for youth with diverse learning, personal, or life challenges. Our caring and competent staff gently weave the academics with a positive strengths-based therapeutic program, paving the way for whole-life success. Despite struggling in other schools, attendance here soars, and course completion increases 4 to 8 times. 95% of students entering grade 12 graduate, and later self-report as 9.3 out of 10 for being on a solid life path!

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What our students think

They like to encourage you to do things that you like, that you may not have done at any other school, which makes it kind of exciting to come to school.

Isabel -

It’s like a rehab facility for your soul. You are here to do school, but you just find out so much about yourself and what you’re actually capable of. It really just lets you discover who you are.

Sophie -

Without this program I would have dropped out and probably become a drug dealer. When I first came here I was always fighting with my mom. Now we have a much better relationship because I know how to communicate.

Nathan -

“I have no idea what my life would be like without Whytecliff. I could be a drop out, doing nothing with my life, or ended up in jail doing drugs. All I know is that I would not be graduating without them.”

Carl -

I found the right community at this school, people who understand me and I am glad I found it.

Jonathon -

I would not be graduating if this program didn’t exist. The teachers and staff here make it possible to graduate under very difficult circumstances. They give you one to one help and create assignments that are specific to how you like to learn. I couldn’t have done any of this without them. They help you with problems in your life
that aren’t about school, making it easier to succeed.

Emileana -